Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kicking My Own Ass Into Gear

Here's the thing, I have came to the realization that in order for me to defeat this little thing called procrastination, I need to start kicking my own ass on a daily basis. Certainly, no one else will do this for me because I am the only one who really wants to help myself. We live in a crazy world and no one really wants to help me. Sure a select few people will try to push me and even fewer will inspire me, and even a smaller amount of those people will truly care about me. But the bottom line is people really care about themselves.

No more excuses, I have had enough of the procrastination plague in my day, it is time for the solution:

It's time to kick my own ass into gear! This is not a statement, it's an aphorism.

I can always grow my resource library... and I am not going to lie... I could have had a huge collection such as the books I own, cds, mp3s, presentation skills, positive resources, and even a handful uplifting attitude, creativity, and humor that I should have been reading and referring to daily. I have began a new chapter in my life as a more self disciplined, self-inspired, self-determined, self-starting hard worker and I see no signs of slowing down.

Today I typed my name in on Google to see what my personal position or 'report card' is on the Internet to see what an employer looking to hire would find if they looked me up. I remember when I first started brainstorming with the Cowboy Lifestyle Network during the earliest days of the company, I always talked about how I would quickly become an authority on Google by writing content for the site, social media, and having my own personal archive of articles. Sure enough after all that sacrifice and sweat equity, two years later, Google has given me more power than I could ever have imagined. Instead of celebrating victory, it is confirmation that I can now celebrate my effort. My attitude, innovation/creativity, work ethic, and drive has proven to be very important factors while building a business from the ground up. In addition to surrounding myself with 3 amazing mentors and select people who are there to uplift me rather than tear me down.

I am a firm believer that if you love what you do and are true to yourself and to others day in and day out, you will never have to work a day in your life. In the end, the only person responsible for your actions is yourself.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kuhl's Blog is Back: FastFWD>> to 2013

I have not posted on my personal blog since I was an undergraduate student in Jenna's ENG 306 Advanced Composition course at The University of Arizona. In fact, I now value that English course and Jenna's teachings more than any other course I took at the UA as a college graduate.

After all, I am now the Executive Writer/Editor of a start-up company: Cowboy Lifestyle Network. As one of the founders of the company, I have learned how important writing content is to our business.

At first, I really disliked writing especially because I felt as if I had some of the most strict English teachers in grade school, high school, and college. However, now I cherish those challenges and experiences I faced, simply because it has made me the writer that I am today.

I really want to get back into writing daily blogs, just as I used to do in Jenna's Advanced Composition class in college. The reason for this is because the more I write the more fluid I am with my writing. No matter what I write about, I want to start writing again on my personal blog again daily.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Importance of Early Childhood Environments

Environments that form positive, nurturing surroundings for early childhood development is very essential when regarding children. The more positive the environments are for the children, the better. This is because children are exceedingly likely to develop better skills when fostering environments incessantly excite and arouse them, which allows them to develop in good health. Children all deserve an equal opportunity when learning at such a young age because they ought to have the very best that this world has to offer. Therefore, as teachers it is crucial to present children with classrooms that provides an inviting living for them. The space that is used must contain elements of an environment for a sense of belonging for the children because it ensures them to use their creativity to the fullest and actively learn in the classrooms when they are in their personal comfort zone. These conscious efforts by staff will ensure their growth as children because they have such an amazing imagination, that it would be a waste if teachers did not provide their children with a suitable area. Reinventing positive environments are very important for children because many environments that are designated for early education need improvement. This consideration will help build more positive, feasible elements into programs to improve the deficit environment.
Contrasting Environments for Early Childhood Development:
A child needs to be comfortable in his or her own environment in order to benefit from early childhood programs. The vision is to create a sense of belonging for children so that they can connect strongly with the environment that surrounds them. Children learn best when exploring and playing with other kids. Therefore, they need to be embraced by bright, shiny colors that may be displayed in pictures and paintings around the room to feel like they can be comfortable to engage with body movement and sensory exploration. What is the purpose for children to develop such traits when they are so young? According to Mary Louis Hemmeter, a publisher for the National Association of School Psychologists, “The capacity to develop positive social relationships, to concentrate and persist on challenging tasks, to productively communicate emotions, and to problem solve are just a few of the competencies young children need to be successful as they transition to school” (Hemmeter, 1998). Children need to experience this smooth transition when shifting from home to school because it is the only way they will ever adapt to the educational settings that prepare children for the adventure of life.
Identifying positive environments allows for the creation of strong connections between children and a sense of belonging for them so that they can react and respond to the specific elements that make them feel at ease and enthusiastic to learn and know more each day. Adding bright colors and a variety of other colors in collaboration with the rest of the space given is a needed element to engage children visually. Classrooms should not be boring or basic when examining whether the space is suitable for children. Learning centers need to have excellent visual representation and designers need to use common sense so that everything is available for the staff and children when needed. They need to be safe, organized, predictable, and easy to clean up for when a particular activity is finished. The space needs to be utilized to the fullest because typically, there is not much space to work with in most classrooms. Therefore, this environment needs to have flexible space so that kids will have a more accessible opportunity to play with open-ended materials. Take a look at this picture to get an understanding of what flexible space in an early childhood environment should look like:
These pictures are examples of a writing center and reading center in a classroom that I found from the website url: ( philosophy.html). Table 1 portrays a classroom that contains desirable space containing appropriate colors, organization, and cleanliness. Table 2 shows a reading center that is designed perfectly so that children can intake what they need to while they are reading at this orderly learning center. In my own opinion, small architectural work such as the circular window in Table 1 gives a different perspective for children when they are present in the room. I believe small things like this is important for children because it allows their imagination to develop because they are more likely to think “outside-the-box”. For example, if all the windows in the classrooms were only square and rectangle, it limits the kids’ imagination because they are likely to accept that most windows are rectangular. But if the room has a circular window, children can let their imagination run wild, which may trigger different thoughts and ideas that windows can be any shape.
Environments that need improvement are those that contain non-flexible areas that are not simple to transform for other uses (balance of open-ended materials) and spaces that provoke interruption with learning, playing, and other elements that can make a child uncomfortable. Transformation must be considered if programs represent this because the priority of the space if in the child’s interest. For example, if furnishings and other items in the spaces provided are all at the same levels, heights, and perspectives, then the space needs to be reevaluated. This brings up a serious issue because what are the negative effects if early childhood settings are not improved? According to Kazdin and Kendall, behavior problems among children may need to be considered. They state, “The early emergence of behavior difficulties and the potential number of children exhibiting difficult behavior creates a challenge in promoting social and emotional competence in early childhood settings. Of the children who engage in problem behavior at a young age, it has been estimated that fewer than 10% receive appropriate services for these difficulties” (Kazdin & Kendall, 1998). This statistic allows us to recognize the seriousness of the issue because many children may pursuit rebellious behaviors if the setting is uninviting for them. Therefore, a plan to improve the deficit environments that are widespread in today’s society is something to keep at high priority because children are the most important and delicate form life roaming the earth. This contrasting environment should not exist for young children, but sadly, it is reality and these necessary steps are required to better these programs to make a more positive, nurturing environment for early childhood development.
Alison & Donna. (2005). Meadow Lands Day Care. Website Images. philosophy.html.
Hemmeter, M. L., Ostrosky, M., & Fox, L. (2006). Social and Emotional Foundations for
Early Learning: A Conceptual Model for Intervention. School Psychology Review.
35 (4), 583-601.
Kazdin, A. E., & Kendall, P. C. (1998). Current progress and future plans for developing
effective treatments: Comments and perspectives. Journal of Clinical Child
Psychology, 27, 217-226.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Entry on The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have been very impressive lately. After the completion of the new University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the Cardinals have proven to their fans that they are a completely different team. I had the privilege of going to many Cardinals games last year. I went to the first pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints in August. My best friend Blake’s girlfriend Brittany is an Arizona Cardinal cheerleader and she got a few free tickets in the Red Zone and gave them to us. I was so stoked because they were amazingly close and we got to kick it with the cheerleaders. The Cardinals have proven to be a much better team because of the leader of the team, the quarterback Kurt Warner, led them all the way to the Super Bowl last year against the Pittsburg Steelers. I went to the last season game against the Atlanta Falcons and I went with my buddies Timmy, John, and Zach. We had amazing seats and we were able to get our drunk on before, during, and after the game, which was best case for us. The stadium was going insane and everyone knew that the Cards had something special going on. We all knew if we won this game we would advance to the playoffs next week against the Seattle Seahawks.

I attended that first playoff game, the day that made history. It was the first playoff game that the Cardinals played in since 1942. My friend Blake and I did not have tickets but we had the mentality that we would find scalpers hoping that we could get some type of deal so we didn’t have to pay so damn much. But after running around with him and a hundred other people frantically trying to hustle and buy tickets, we found a crazy man who was willing to sell us two tickets for more money than we wanted to pay. Nevertheless, we ended up buying them and we were just happy to be there and experience this first playoff game in some decent seats. We bought a few beers and got rowdy as we cheered for our team. It was a close and intense game, white towels being spun in the air, and fans going absolutely wild. I have never heard a stadium get so loud in my entire life it was amazing. The Arizona Cardinals pulled off another victory that day as the star players did what they do best every Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin, Breaston, Hightower, Dockett, Cromartie, and many other phenomenal players always display their best talents and amazing athletic capabilities. Although we lost the Super Bowl, we showed the world that we are a good team and that we can compete against the best. However, this year we need to win the Super Bowl and not settle for just an appearance. This 2009 season has already been very good and the Cardinals have proved to everyone and themselves that they are a great team that is looking to be the best in the NFL.

Today’s Sunday NFL game on Fox was between the St. Louis Rams and the Cardinals. Unfortunately, Kurt Warner got hurt halfway through the game, so hopefully he is not hurt to bad so he can play and start the next game. I am very thankful that Matt Leinart was able to end the game without loosing the lead. Next week is against the

BLOG 11-22-09

Creating a website has been a very interesting experience. There is so much that is required just to get started it is ridiculous and it is ten times harder if you have never created a website before. I experienced some interesting steps that were very complicated and time consuming. But I managed to build a sophisticated webpage that is suitable for my project. I am working on the finishing touches right now to make sure that everything that I want on the page for Tuesday will be the way I want. The only thing I am concerned about is when I print out my project from the website itself, that the background image will not be on the page that I turn in to my teacher on Tuesday. In addition, the music will obviously not be printed out, so to get the full experience of my website my professor will have to visit the webpage online.

I created the website through the new Google websites, which made it very manageable and understandable to create. However, time constraints have made this project very difficult for me because I have had to go back home almost every Thursday after class because I have had dentist appointments almost every single Friday these past couple of months because of my teeth and root canal surgeries (which I have one more appointment to complete the root canal). I cannot believe the amount of extra homework that my teachers have assigned me for tomorrow. I have so much to do it is not even funny. And of course my teachers assign all the due dates for the Monday right after Thanksgiving break, sweet. Yet, there is nothing I can do about it and no matter how much I complain the due date will not change so I just need to try to get it all done before I take off to Huntington beach for the weekend because I know I will not want to do it when I am relaxing in California.

There will be much stress in my life in the next couple of days but it will be over in forty-eight hours thankfully. I just need to manage my time so that everything works out, typically it usually works out perfectly so that everything is done and all my work is presentable enough to receive a good grade. It is a good feeling to be able to spread my assignments over a week so that I can still have fun but get serious at the same time. Usually it takes a few days to realize that I need to get on my work so that I will not be in a world of hurt the day before the assignment is due, but sometimes I am able to get on my work before that occurs. However, it is so hard not to procrastinate because there are always so much better things to do when you are hanging out on the weekend (especially when my doggies are playing with me back home). Now it is time to face reality and snap back into the realization of what I need to get done tonight.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow is going to be the second part of my oral root canal surgery at Dr. Rush’s office. Although I hate doing this more than anything else, I am glad that it will be over with by noon tomorrow. I will be forced to drive all the way to Tempe tonight right after class today so that I can get a good night sleep in before my early appointment tomorrow. The appointment is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. so I will have to get up early enough for some breakfast and all that good stuff.

I will probably end up bringing my own movie so that I can watch it on their LCD monitor located directly over my head so that I can focus on something else than the sharp needles and tools drilling and my teeth and gums. I can envision it now, I will be extremely grumpy because it is will be to early for my liking and I will be going to the dentist which makes everything horrible. I will walk in and the Mormon assistants will be hyper and extremely annoying, all chatting amongst themselves with a few questions directed towards me here and there.

The receptionists at the desk always make sure I pay the full amount before the procedure begins. That’s another thing that is completely ridiculous, I can’t believe how much it costs to get a root canal. It is over a grand with insurance aid. To me that is overly ridiculous, but then again it is apart of life and it is something that is mandatory. I always have to remind myself that I need to take better care of my teeth, brushing and flossing every day all day, because I will have them for the rest of my life. The only disadvantage about the whole situation on top of the financial discrepancies, is the fact that I have been waiting for an extra three weeks just to get my appointment in so I can finish the second part of y root canal surgery.

On top of that, everyday I have had to pop four pills a day (500mg) capsles everyday with a large glass of water with every pill. There is a quantity of fifty-four pills in each bottle of amoxicillin and I have had to refill once already. It is no fun but it is an anti-biotic that is needed in order to do this oral sugery on my tooth. But it is what it is and I have to deal with it. On the brighter side of things, I am just glad that I am not a dentist my self because I don’t think I could ever inflict pain on people like that like they do to their patients. That’s why I feel kind of bad for dentists even though they are getting straight paid. Because the dentist profession is one of the top professions with the highest suicide rate which is really sad and scary. Anyways im glad for tomorrow to be done with so I can move on with my life!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Specific Description of my audience (new website) for my Rhetorical Project

(Bobby – picture sketch)

My audience’s age is intended for teenage males. I decided to focus my rhetorical project on young men (whom I have credibility with, whom I know how to appeal to) who have parents who are divorced. Bobby (sketch) is 15-year-old male who is a typical white boy from Queens, New York. His socioeconomic class is considered “middle-class” because his mother and father together used to run a restaurant and made decent income to give Bobby a good education. However, Bobby’s parents separated while he attended Jr. High and eventually got a divorce right before Bobby started High School. His parents’ separation really tore him apart because they all relied on each other, but after they filed for divorce life became very hard and confusing for Bobby. He didn’t understand why his parents would betray him like this after they pushed him so hard to be perfect. His ideological beliefs kept him in balance because he had always believed in living life, going to school, getting a degree that leaded to a well-paid job, and then eventually finding the love of his life that he would marry and have kids with and live happily ever after. Yet, after Bobby saw his parents fall apart he became confused and he didn’t know who to talk to or how to express his emotions about the situation. Bobby is good with computers because he took many classes in Middle School to help with learning how to browse the Internet. Bobby logged in online to search Google for websites that could help him deal with the hardships of divorce and find others that were going through a circumstance similar to his. He eventually found a site that suited him because it is intended for male teenagers dealing with divorce. His relationship to the issue I am addressing is very significant because of his parents’ recent divorce. Bobby felt comfortable talking with other male teenagers about his experiences, as well as commenting on other peoples posts under the “Describe, Discuss, Vent” page. His feelings were strong and he was confident in writing his own words because he received some great advice about the issue I am addressing under the “Professional Advice Section” page. Bobby was able to open up after checking out the cool picture page and funny video page. Now Bobby has been able to cope with his hardships with divorce because his relationships that he made on the web address that I created:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wildcat Family and the Importance of UA Alumni

Anyone who is given the opportunity to be an Arizona Wildcat becomes conscious of the fact that they are genuinely apart of the Wildcat Family. I am so thankful to be a senior at such a beautiful campus, attending an outstanding University in Tucson that has such immense history and tradition. Every alumnus at the University of Arizona always represents himself or herself to be role models and mentors for Wildcat undergrad students. My personal relationships with University of Arizona alumni have been ubiquitous through the majority of my life. Don Rae is my step grandfather and he has been a Wildcat alumnus from the time he graduated graduate school way before I was born. He pushed me to be a Jr. Wildcat in my childhood years growing up because I always had such love for college sports. Although my hometown was always surrounded by Sun Devil fans, I participated in U of A baseball camps for four years when I was in elementary school, which allowed the little Wildcat inside of me to grow more and more. The majority of the coaches that taught us at those weeklong Wildcat baseball camps were alumni and they always persuaded us how great the entire Wildcat experience at the U of A was for them and how it would be the same for us. Now I have attended the University of Arizona for almost three and a half years and I walk around my campus with my chest held high, proud to be a Wildcat and not a Sun Devil.

For this interview, however, I decided not to do an alumni report on my family member who only attended graduate school, but rather my pledge brother and good friend Blake Rorbach’s brother, Clark Rorbach. In this text, I will be describing an interview that took place during Homecoming week this year with one of my good friends who is now an alumnus. This report will include some very interesting and cool facts from the alumni himself, Clark Rorbach. It was very interesting to ask Mr. Rorbach a list of questions about his experience here at the University of Arizona because he just recently graduated in 2003. Clark became officially enrolled as an undergraduate student at this great University during the year of 1998. Clark came down to Tucson to check out the University of Arizona campus for the first time in 1997 with some buddies while he was a junior at Arcadia High School in Phoenix. He explained to me how the Wildcat spirit, from first time he set a foot on the University of Arizona campus instantly embraced him. “There was just something special about the U of A campus that was so much different from all the other campuses that I traveled to around the country,” said Clark. Another reason why he selected the UA instead of other Universities was because UA was in state (he wouldn’t have to pay out of state tuition) and UA was further away from home than ASU was when comparing distance. Nevertheless, the most important reason that Clark preferred the U of A was because his father is an alumnus at the U of A and he is also an alumnus at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Clark told me that he had a legacy that he needed to continue here at the U of A, which meant everything to his father. Therefore, the only organization that Clark committed to was being the Homecoming Chair for Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Homecoming events every year while he was an active. Last spring break I had the privilege to stay with the Rorbach family in Mission Beach, California for the entire week. I was able to get to know Clark and his father while I stayed with Blake and his hysterical dad and brother. After my time at their beautiful beach houses on Mission Beach, I learned how much a family could unite together because they all had such great experiences as a Wildcat. This vacation allowed the Clark and myself to become close friends because we had a fun filled week in San Diego surfing, partying, and hanging out at the beach.

Clark Rorbach graduated the University of Arizona with a Regional Development degree; in which, he pursued this major after he realized that the Eller College of Management was not the career path for him. His favorite class that he took while he pursued his Regional Development degree was Population Geography. He liked this class so much because it had to do with the amount of migration and immigration in US Census population as well as cultural aspects that shape the way we look at the world.

Clark lived on campus throughout his sophomore year while he lived at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house on 1509 E. 2nd Street. He told me many crazy stories and how Greek life at the UA was much different from when I lived in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house my sophomore year. Clark explained how the bar known as, “Dirt bags”, was always the hot spot on campus and was his most favorite spot on campus other than the SAE house (especially when they through parties). I then asked the interviewee, “What was your most memorable and favorite day at the UA?” Clark responded, “I would say it would have to be Homecoming without a doubt.” I immediately asked, “What year was this and do you remember who the Wildcats played during this Homecoming week?” He answered, “Yes, it was in the year 2000 and we faced the Oregon State Beavers in a Pac 10 football game—it was one of the best days of my life as a student.” He then told me how his father, Mr. Rorbach, came down for this special Homecoming weekend and gave a speech in front of all his brothers at a brotherhood event that he would never forget. I found it so cool that his dad meant so much to him, his brother Blake, and the rest of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity because of the way he presented himself as a University of Arizona alumnus. Clark Rorbach told me that he wants to continue this legacy for his kids when they are Wildcats just like his father did for him and my pledge brother, Blake Rorbach. Because this legacy is so important to Clark and his family, he will always remain a loyal Wildcat for the rest of his life.

Clark will always be a brother to me because we are united through the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. This interviewee will always remain a friend to me for the rest of my life because of the times that we shared together. But most of all well will remain excellent friends because we are Wildcats for life no matter what job we work for or what state we live in. I am very fortunate to have been the interviewer for the Alumnus, Clark Rorbach, because my experiences and favorite memories are very similar. However, I have found many differences by creating this report because college life five years ago was much different than it is today. The University of Arizona has become much stricter towards the students then they used to be years ago. My own stories and memories are much different from Clark’s because they were allowed much more freedom, especially in Greek life. Whereas today, if I was to try to do some of the things that Clark told me that he did in the past, I would most likely be thrown in jail. I can personally attest the changes and the rules that have been forced on students by the school board from my own experiences. My experience as a pledge back in Fall 2006 was completely different than our pledge class this fall because of rules that are forced by the University of Arizona Police Department. Nevertheless, the University of Arizona still remains the best school and I am so relieved I made the final decision to attend this amazing University directly after high school in Tempe. I would not trade my experiences as a Wildcat for anything else because I hold my experiences close to my heart. I know that Mr. Rorbach, Clark Rorbach, and Blake Rorbach all feel the same way as I do after having bonding with them many times during my time here. Although I am not thrilled to graduate and enter the “real world”, I am very anxious to become a Wildcat Alumni so that I can become a mentor for those who are planning to or are attending the University of Arizona. I am so fortunate to have met the connections that I have already met at this attractive campus and look forward to reuniting with my best buddies later in life. Hopefully this course still exists five years from now so that I can be the interviewee for a Wildcat student!

Friday, November 13, 2009

FRIDAY the 13th BLOG Entry

Today is Friday the 13th and I am pretty positive that I am going to stay in tonight again because I do not feel safe going out on an eerie night like this. I am not superstitious whatsoever, but I do listen to my instincts if I feel weird or skeptical about going out to the bars on a wild night like Friday the 13th. Something I still can’t get over is that Arizona passed a law that allows registered gun owners to carry concealed weapons at any bars in the state. I think this is stupid and ridiculous. Supposedly, they are not allowed to drink in the bar if they do posses their own weapon, but what is the point of having the gun and going to the bar? What actually went down and why did the Arizona Senate pass this law? According to Jonathan J. Cooper, The Arizona Senate has given final approval to a bill that would allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry a gun into a business that serves alcohol.

The 19-8 vote completes legislative action on the bill and sends it to Republican Gov. Jan Brewer. She has not said whether she will sign it, but she has long been a supporter of gun rights.

The measure has pitted powerful groups representing gun and bar owners against each other, sparking a debate about whether guns and alcohol can coexist without bloodshed.

Critics of the measure say guns and alcohol are a dangerous combination.

"We don't let people drink and drive, why should we let them drink and carry guns?" said Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson, who voted against the bill.

Supporters say they should be able to protect themselves and their families even if they happen to be inside a business serving alcohol.

"It's very important that criminals are now afraid rather than law abiding citizens," said Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, the bill's sponsor.

The measure would ban drinking while packing and allow restaurants to deny entry to gun-toting citizens by posting a sign next to their liquor license.

Although I have been swaying back and forth, debating if I should go out tonight… Roommates and friends easily persuade me. That is why I will probably end up going out tonight because it sucks being alone in my house on a Friday house. I feel almost safer when I am around my friends because we all look out for each other. When I am alone in my house I feel like I have to protection because someone could break in like those ADS commercials that shows the burglars breaking into a variety of different homes by just kicking in the front door. I don’t know why Tucson is so scary but it is! That is why I always have to be on my tippy toes and be aware of my surroundings at all times. Life is too fragile to be stupid and mess around with people who are looking for trouble. Tonight, if I do decide to go out, I need to stick with a plan that ensures my safety and me safe and sound in my bed at night.

Some Thoughts About My Research Project

I am glad that my research project proposal is finally underway. Although I have to make a few more revisions today before I turn it in on D2L drop box, I have a much better grasp on what I am actually going to do for my proposal. I went over to my good friend Blake’s house, because I knew that he is very good at computer technology. He told me that he would be happy to help me create a website for me. I was so stoked because I would have a legit webpage after it is all complete. Blake explained to me the different types of websites that I can create because it can get very confusing. First off, he told me that there is a great resource online through Google that would be most appropriate for a website like the one I am envisioning. On the contrary, he told me that there are many other different ways to create websites, like creating a HTML website. However, this is a webpage design that takes a lot of time according to Blake because you have to create it by inputting a sequence of different numbers, binary codes, and other complicated computer gadget shit that I honestly don’t understand whatsoever. He told me that he has and only creates these types of websites if someone is serious about starting up a large company website or something worth spending forty-eight hours on. Yet, I am looking for a website that can contain a discussion board and maybe even a chat room or something cool, which Blake said I could include on my webpage without much complication.

I need to think of specifics, what color I want my background on the webpage, font, size, plus a million other things that I need to consider. I know it will all come together when I am working with my buddy setting it all up so that the final product will be just the way I want it. I feel that I have a good purpose and if my rhetorical strategies are all there working for me, my website will be very successful. I was thinking of using like a self-advice section that will allow my visitors on my webpage to be able to click on a link that will explain different reasons why something may be the way it is. I really want to be able to have a clear explanation of why students in this particular age group feel the way they do when their parents separate or have a divorce. They should all be able to vent and talk with others so that everyone feels better about the shitty situation that they are stuck in. Since it is not their fault, nor in their control whatsoever—this will be a website that my audience can I am seeking a certain type of actions and/or reactions from my audience. I want them to be able to understand my view on the issue but also be able to voice their opinions by agreeing or disagreeing with my view on divorce. I also hope that people will take certain steps to create more groups, blog’s, discussion boards, etc., further than what I will be creating with this research project because the more people that become interested in changing the way marriage and divorce is represented today, opposed to centuries ago, will determine the interest on the issue and the motivation that our world needs to recognize in order to change this high divorce rate that is destroying families. But my most imperative desire is that my audience would react positively and that my webpage would be something that is looked as cool and exciting. Although I have never created a webpage in my entire life, if I get helpful advice from some friends I will be able to create this webpage in the precise manner that I have envisioned for this project. In simpler terms, the dudes that I am reaching out to would be able to visit my website and feel comfortable enough to vent out and discuss common problems and hardships while trying to push through education and employment.