Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Specific Description of my audience (new website) for my Rhetorical Project

(Bobby – picture sketch)

My audience’s age is intended for teenage males. I decided to focus my rhetorical project on young men (whom I have credibility with, whom I know how to appeal to) who have parents who are divorced. Bobby (sketch) is 15-year-old male who is a typical white boy from Queens, New York. His socioeconomic class is considered “middle-class” because his mother and father together used to run a restaurant and made decent income to give Bobby a good education. However, Bobby’s parents separated while he attended Jr. High and eventually got a divorce right before Bobby started High School. His parents’ separation really tore him apart because they all relied on each other, but after they filed for divorce life became very hard and confusing for Bobby. He didn’t understand why his parents would betray him like this after they pushed him so hard to be perfect. His ideological beliefs kept him in balance because he had always believed in living life, going to school, getting a degree that leaded to a well-paid job, and then eventually finding the love of his life that he would marry and have kids with and live happily ever after. Yet, after Bobby saw his parents fall apart he became confused and he didn’t know who to talk to or how to express his emotions about the situation. Bobby is good with computers because he took many classes in Middle School to help with learning how to browse the Internet. Bobby logged in online to search Google for websites that could help him deal with the hardships of divorce and find others that were going through a circumstance similar to his. He eventually found a site that suited him because it is intended for male teenagers dealing with divorce. His relationship to the issue I am addressing is very significant because of his parents’ recent divorce. Bobby felt comfortable talking with other male teenagers about his experiences, as well as commenting on other peoples posts under the “Describe, Discuss, Vent” page. His feelings were strong and he was confident in writing his own words because he received some great advice about the issue I am addressing under the “Professional Advice Section” page. Bobby was able to open up after checking out the cool picture page and funny video page. Now Bobby has been able to cope with his hardships with divorce because his relationships that he made on the web address that I created: http://sites.google.com/maleteendivorcescene/