Sunday, November 22, 2009

BLOG 11-22-09

Creating a website has been a very interesting experience. There is so much that is required just to get started it is ridiculous and it is ten times harder if you have never created a website before. I experienced some interesting steps that were very complicated and time consuming. But I managed to build a sophisticated webpage that is suitable for my project. I am working on the finishing touches right now to make sure that everything that I want on the page for Tuesday will be the way I want. The only thing I am concerned about is when I print out my project from the website itself, that the background image will not be on the page that I turn in to my teacher on Tuesday. In addition, the music will obviously not be printed out, so to get the full experience of my website my professor will have to visit the webpage online.

I created the website through the new Google websites, which made it very manageable and understandable to create. However, time constraints have made this project very difficult for me because I have had to go back home almost every Thursday after class because I have had dentist appointments almost every single Friday these past couple of months because of my teeth and root canal surgeries (which I have one more appointment to complete the root canal). I cannot believe the amount of extra homework that my teachers have assigned me for tomorrow. I have so much to do it is not even funny. And of course my teachers assign all the due dates for the Monday right after Thanksgiving break, sweet. Yet, there is nothing I can do about it and no matter how much I complain the due date will not change so I just need to try to get it all done before I take off to Huntington beach for the weekend because I know I will not want to do it when I am relaxing in California.

There will be much stress in my life in the next couple of days but it will be over in forty-eight hours thankfully. I just need to manage my time so that everything works out, typically it usually works out perfectly so that everything is done and all my work is presentable enough to receive a good grade. It is a good feeling to be able to spread my assignments over a week so that I can still have fun but get serious at the same time. Usually it takes a few days to realize that I need to get on my work so that I will not be in a world of hurt the day before the assignment is due, but sometimes I am able to get on my work before that occurs. However, it is so hard not to procrastinate because there are always so much better things to do when you are hanging out on the weekend (especially when my doggies are playing with me back home). Now it is time to face reality and snap back into the realization of what I need to get done tonight.