Sunday, November 22, 2009

Entry on The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have been very impressive lately. After the completion of the new University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the Cardinals have proven to their fans that they are a completely different team. I had the privilege of going to many Cardinals games last year. I went to the first pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints in August. My best friend Blake’s girlfriend Brittany is an Arizona Cardinal cheerleader and she got a few free tickets in the Red Zone and gave them to us. I was so stoked because they were amazingly close and we got to kick it with the cheerleaders. The Cardinals have proven to be a much better team because of the leader of the team, the quarterback Kurt Warner, led them all the way to the Super Bowl last year against the Pittsburg Steelers. I went to the last season game against the Atlanta Falcons and I went with my buddies Timmy, John, and Zach. We had amazing seats and we were able to get our drunk on before, during, and after the game, which was best case for us. The stadium was going insane and everyone knew that the Cards had something special going on. We all knew if we won this game we would advance to the playoffs next week against the Seattle Seahawks.

I attended that first playoff game, the day that made history. It was the first playoff game that the Cardinals played in since 1942. My friend Blake and I did not have tickets but we had the mentality that we would find scalpers hoping that we could get some type of deal so we didn’t have to pay so damn much. But after running around with him and a hundred other people frantically trying to hustle and buy tickets, we found a crazy man who was willing to sell us two tickets for more money than we wanted to pay. Nevertheless, we ended up buying them and we were just happy to be there and experience this first playoff game in some decent seats. We bought a few beers and got rowdy as we cheered for our team. It was a close and intense game, white towels being spun in the air, and fans going absolutely wild. I have never heard a stadium get so loud in my entire life it was amazing. The Arizona Cardinals pulled off another victory that day as the star players did what they do best every Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin, Breaston, Hightower, Dockett, Cromartie, and many other phenomenal players always display their best talents and amazing athletic capabilities. Although we lost the Super Bowl, we showed the world that we are a good team and that we can compete against the best. However, this year we need to win the Super Bowl and not settle for just an appearance. This 2009 season has already been very good and the Cardinals have proved to everyone and themselves that they are a great team that is looking to be the best in the NFL.

Today’s Sunday NFL game on Fox was between the St. Louis Rams and the Cardinals. Unfortunately, Kurt Warner got hurt halfway through the game, so hopefully he is not hurt to bad so he can play and start the next game. I am very thankful that Matt Leinart was able to end the game without loosing the lead. Next week is against the