Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Thoughts About My Research Project

I am glad that my research project proposal is finally underway. Although I have to make a few more revisions today before I turn it in on D2L drop box, I have a much better grasp on what I am actually going to do for my proposal. I went over to my good friend Blake’s house, because I knew that he is very good at computer technology. He told me that he would be happy to help me create a website for me. I was so stoked because I would have a legit webpage after it is all complete. Blake explained to me the different types of websites that I can create because it can get very confusing. First off, he told me that there is a great resource online through Google that would be most appropriate for a website like the one I am envisioning. On the contrary, he told me that there are many other different ways to create websites, like creating a HTML website. However, this is a webpage design that takes a lot of time according to Blake because you have to create it by inputting a sequence of different numbers, binary codes, and other complicated computer gadget shit that I honestly don’t understand whatsoever. He told me that he has and only creates these types of websites if someone is serious about starting up a large company website or something worth spending forty-eight hours on. Yet, I am looking for a website that can contain a discussion board and maybe even a chat room or something cool, which Blake said I could include on my webpage without much complication.

I need to think of specifics, what color I want my background on the webpage, font, size, plus a million other things that I need to consider. I know it will all come together when I am working with my buddy setting it all up so that the final product will be just the way I want it. I feel that I have a good purpose and if my rhetorical strategies are all there working for me, my website will be very successful. I was thinking of using like a self-advice section that will allow my visitors on my webpage to be able to click on a link that will explain different reasons why something may be the way it is. I really want to be able to have a clear explanation of why students in this particular age group feel the way they do when their parents separate or have a divorce. They should all be able to vent and talk with others so that everyone feels better about the shitty situation that they are stuck in. Since it is not their fault, nor in their control whatsoever—this will be a website that my audience can I am seeking a certain type of actions and/or reactions from my audience. I want them to be able to understand my view on the issue but also be able to voice their opinions by agreeing or disagreeing with my view on divorce. I also hope that people will take certain steps to create more groups, blog’s, discussion boards, etc., further than what I will be creating with this research project because the more people that become interested in changing the way marriage and divorce is represented today, opposed to centuries ago, will determine the interest on the issue and the motivation that our world needs to recognize in order to change this high divorce rate that is destroying families. But my most imperative desire is that my audience would react positively and that my webpage would be something that is looked as cool and exciting. Although I have never created a webpage in my entire life, if I get helpful advice from some friends I will be able to create this webpage in the precise manner that I have envisioned for this project. In simpler terms, the dudes that I am reaching out to would be able to visit my website and feel comfortable enough to vent out and discuss common problems and hardships while trying to push through education and employment.